It is a hair rising & fearful word, everyone knows about it. It can affect any human being at any age. Cells are small units that make up living things including human body. Cancer is not one disease it is group of diseases that involve abnormal cell growth & spread to other body parts of the body. Cancer develops when cells in one part of the body begin to grow at different pace. Tumor is group of cells that have undergone unregulated growth & form a lump, can be distributed diffusely. Cancer include following characteristics:
• Cell growth and division absent the proper signals.
• Limitless number of cell divisions.
• Promoting blood vessel construction
• Invasion of tissue and formation of metastases.
• Avoidance of programmed cell death.


A branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer is known as oncology. Those who do specialization in oncology are known as oncologist. Components which help in survival in cancer are:
• Prevention – reduction of risk factors like alcohol & tobacco consumption.
• Diagnosis - early screening of cancers.
• Treatment – the best treatment options like medical oncology, radiation oncology, brain tumor surgery, chemotherapy and biologic therapy.


One organ works day & night for pumping of the heart without accepting anything. We are not getting fresh nutrients daily & we all eating unhygienic food. By eating these kind of food it will lead to chest pains, shortness of breath, dizzy spills, special testing. The medical specialty dealing with the heart is known as cardiology. Cardiology comes from Greek word “heart & study”. Cardiology is the branch deals with disorders of the heart & circulatory system. It includes diagnosis & treatment of coronary artery disease, heart failure, congenital heart defects & valvular heart disease. Doctors who specialize in this field of medicine are called cardiologists & those who specialize in surgery are known as cardiothoracic surgeons

Following are the common heart disease:
• Syncope
• Heart Valve Disease
• Heart Attack
• Heart failure
• Pericardial disease

Types of surgeries-
• Cardiac Imaging
• Surgery
• Nuclear Medicine
• Stress Resting
• Cardiac CT – Calcium Scoring
• Coronary caotrid, renal, peripheral cardiology
• Rotational and directional Artherectomy.

ENT Specialist or Otolaryngology

Ear, nose & throat plays very important role in our live like listen, smell, swallow respectively. These are very delicate organs which we need daily care for the proper functioning.

Otolaryngology - It is a branch of medicine which is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat, head and neck disorders. Many of people among us required complete medical care by qualified doctors in this specific field known as ENT specialist or otolaryngologist.

Generally people ignored these kinds of problems like swelling of tonsils, listening of voice which no one else can listen & blockage of the nasal airway, they take it as minor problems but these problems can develop into major problems. These disorders need proper diagnosis & treatment as early possible.

Disorders related to Ear, Nose, Throat, head & neck are:
• Sinusitis
• Throat illness
• Hearing loss
• Speak disorder
• Tonsillitis
• Ear infection
• Allergies
• Smell disorders
• Deviated septum
• Ear noise (Tinnitus)
• Cranial nerve disorders
• Swallowing disorder
• Cancerous tumors
• Facial tumors
• Deformities of the face
• Nasal polyps
These problems are needed to be attended in the initial stage by the Experts.

Some of the following are the ENT procedures:
• Tonsillectomy
• Septoplasty
• Oesophagoscopy
• Tacheostomy
• Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
• Rhinology
• Laryngology
• Thyroid surgery
• Congenital anomalies of the ear.
• Reconstructive middle ear surgery.
• Surgery of facial nerve.
• Surgery of snoring & apnea.

ENT disorders are not surgical problems. Few of them can be treated through medications and surgeries are done where medications alone can’t work. Our doctors provide immense medical care to all these disorders. They are trained in both medical & surgical treatment.


An organ which contains the rods & cones cells in retina allow light & vision is formed. It helps us to see this beautiful world around us. Human eye can distinguish about 10 millions colors. Eyes are the important part of the health. If you are suffering from any eye related problems like:
• Night blindness
• Nearsightedness (Myopia)
• Hyperopia
• Astigmatism
• Presbyopia

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of diseases of eyes. Who specializes in medical & surgical care of eyes is known as ophthalmologist. They help in prevention of disease & injury to eye. There are different types of treatment for the eyes:
• Cataract Surgery
• Lasik Surgery
• Eye care for cornea, squint and glaucoma.
• Corneal Transplant


Today’s life is more about career oriented due to which people take lot of stress on their mind & indirectly it affects the body & leads to hormones related problems like low sperm count or disturbance in the menstrual cycle.

IVF means “In vitro fertilization”

It is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. In this ovum is removed from woman’s ovaries and letting sperms fertilize eggs outside the body in a laboratory in liquid. The fertilized egg is cultured for 6 days in a growth medium, once the embryos form, then they are implanted in the uterus. It is not the test tube baby. IVF is a form of ART (assisted reproductive technology). IVF help women to become pregnant. It is used in under following conditions:.
• Sperm count is poor.
• Fallopian tubes are damaged or blocked.
• Unexplained infertility.
• Advanced age of women.
• Endometriosis.
• Sperm inability to penetrate.
• Ovulation problem.

IVF achieved commendable number of pregnancies among those who have left the hope of having the baby. IVF is the effective treatment for the infertility but many IVF centers are setting up without adequate rules & regulation which are misguiding the couples. So before you going to any of these IVF clinic please concern the specialist.


Doctors play an important role in human health and some leaves an impact on someone lives. Such surgeons like neurosurgeons treat conditions of the brain, nervous system & spinal cord. They also handle the problems related to behavior changes. Correcting these conditions often leaves an impact on someone lives.

A neurosurgeon is a specialist concerned the study of nervous system. It deals with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment (surgical) & rehabilitation affecting any portion of nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, extra- cranial cere- brovascular system, tumors, vascular disorders, infection of brain or spine, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, headache disorders, parkinson’s, trigeminal neuralgia, orbital tumors, spinal tumors vise, bony, extra dural tumors, spine fixation, endoscopic lumber disc surgery, neoplastic, spinal dysraphism congenital anomalies & trauma.

There are divisions of neurosurgery are:-
• Stereotactic neurosurgery
• Functional neurosurgery
• Epilepsy surgery
• Vascular neurosurgery
• Neurosurgical oncology
• Skull bas surgery
• Spinal neurosurgery
• Pediatric neurosurgery


In this fast growing world, we all are depending on the machines of our work. Yes it is true that machines make our work easy but indirectly we are getting into the problems of bones & joints. Orthopedics is the term drive from Greek words orthos& paidion (child). Firstly it was related to correcting & preventing deformities in children’s but later it has accepted for adults too. It is highly specialized branch no general doctor can perform these types of surgeries. Following are the list of treatments:

• Knee replacement
• Hip replacement
• Arthroplasty (total joint reconstruction)
• Orthopedic trauma
• Pediatric orthopedics
• Hand surgery
• Shoulder & elbow surgery
• Foot & ankle surgery
• Knee arthroscopy
• Knee implant
• Lumbar spinal fusion

These all surgeries are performed by great precision & expertise. Our doctors also provide the rehabilitation & pain management to provide recovery as early as possible.


Children’s are the smile of the family. If they get ill we call an Angel (Doctor) for a checkup.

This word is derived from two Greek words i.e. (pais = child) and (iatros = doctor or healer). Paediatrics means healer of children. It is the branch of medicine dealing with the health and medical care of neonatal, children’s and adolescents from birth up to age 18years. A specialist in this field is known as a Pediatrician.

Pediatrician provides medical care & preventive health services for the children who are ill. In every stage of development of the child they take care of the mental & physical well being. This branch promotes the healthy life styles among the children’s & control the spread of the infection. Doctors not only manage the problems related to the children’s but also help in prevention & early detection of the problems. They work closely with other medical specialists to help children’s with problems. Pediatrician diagnoses & treat following problems among children’s:
• Cancers
• Functional disabilities
• Mental disorders
• Organ disease & dysfunctions
• Infections
• Injuries
• Genetic disorders
• Social stress
• Depression


There is a sub specialty of pediatrics which deals with the new born babies especially the premature newborn infants known as Neonatology. In some of the infants needs special care due to prematurity like low birth weight, birth defects & more. They are treated in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Very rare few infants are born before their bodies are ready to leave the mother womb. Some important organs like skin, stomach & heart of the body are not mature enough to function without the medical help.

Smiling builds your attitude

An attractive smile is the harmony of the life. Smile is the first thing which everyone notices. If you have a beautiful smile, it shows your positive attitude towards the other person. A smile makeover is the procedure to provide you a beautiful smile through cosmetic dentistry. If you have any problems related to gummy smile, stains, missing teeth, chipped off, misaligned teeth, swelling of gums, periodontal pockets, cracked tooth, fractured tooth or discoloration of tooth, so it can be fixed by taken head on with the smile makeover technique. As it will make you look better after the smile makeover.

Success is creating the perfect beautiful smile that you want.

Wellness spa

The very first word come to mind is enhancement of life, leaving behind all the stress behind & building healthy mind for the better living.

India is a holy city & centre of Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and naturopathy. Wellness spa helps our human body to relax & promotes healthy and quality lifestyle. The term spa is derived from the Latin word phrase “Salus par Aquam” which means healthy by water. Water is very important to all living organisms including human body, without it everyone will break their breath. Water has therapeutic property which is used to treat various health disorders. Spa rejuvenates your spirit and pampers your body and mind. Wellness spa industry has come up with different types of spas & wellness programme’s to give break to speedy lifestyle like pampering spas, romantic spas, luxury spa, stress management spas, weight loss treatments, skin treatments, Ayurvedic massage, facial, detox therapy & list goes on like …

Yoga and Meditation

India is the land of yogis and rishi’s. Yoga and meditation is practice since ancient times to walk on the path of peace in such a destructive & fast growing world. India is the first country to celebrate the International yoga day. Yoga and meditation is the art to control mind and body. It provides internal energy to soul & promotes relaxation to mind. It help individual to connect the cord within them & provides peace, patience, generosity & love. It aims at increase the concentration & fitness among the body to enjoy the indestructible of well being. It often helps to control high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression & migraine. Yoga and meditation realize that there is no space for anger, hatred and ego in this beautiful world. Life is about the love among each and every individual whether it is human being, animal and nature. There is nothing like religion as humanity is only thing to achieve for the peaceful living.