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MediPink Solutions started off with a specific vision and a mission to facilitate medical care beyond the national boundaries. It is aimed at providing efficient, hygienic and affordable healthcare for all, no matter which part of the globe care seekers come from.

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Our Services

  • Connectivity to India
  • Visa-Facilitate Visa Process
  • General Guidance
  • Getting a Mobile Connection
  • Travel Advisory
  • Indian Tourism Offices-Incredible!ndia

Our MediPink Process

Travel & stay co-ordination

When visiting to any new place you always like some one who can take care of your travel and stay in the most cost effective way.

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Quick look at benefits

  • Procure the best cost estimate
  • Facilitate Visa process
  • Book Flights (optional)
  • Receive at airport
  • Multi-destination options
  • Arrange for accommodations
  • Make all necessary bookings
  • Custom manage individual requirements

Medical treatment

There is always a need of an expert guidance and handholding in finding all the details regarding hospitals in India and selecting the one that provides the required treatment at the best price.

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Quick look at benefits

  • Carefully select Accredited hospitals
  • Carefully select highly qualified and experienced physicians and surgeon
  • Coordinate comprehensive correspondence with surgeons/physicians
  • Arrange for medical consultations
  • Accompany to all surgery appointments

What our patients have to say

I am overjoyed with the services offered by Medipink. They did live up to their promise and helped me to get the best. My travel, my stay and my treatment where all taken care off.
Thankyou MediPink
Sanfransicso Area

Medical Tourism

Need of Medical Tourism

Soaring healthcare costs, demographic factors, and rising demand for cosmetic and dental surgery (procedures not covered under the insurance ambit in developed countries), together with the availability of quality and cost-effective healthcare services in developing countries are the main factors driving medical tourism across the globe.

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Medical Tourism and India

The developed and developing countries are currently passing through a critical phase in terms of healthcare availability. The medical system cries out for a massive overhaul amidst over-burdened hospitals, lack of doctors and steep insurance cost in the developed nations. On the other hand, the developing countries lack adequate medical...

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Providing wellness with compassion.

MediPink - core mission is to facilitate top-class, reliable and professional medical treatment & care to the local as well as global patients. The medical facility offered at MediPink is for all. Don’t let the physical boundary of two countries prevents you from availing the best medical care. Connect with MediPink and let our experts plan...

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